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Operating clearanceis the dimension which indicates the play between inner and outer ring in radial or axial direction of a mounted bearing. It results from the un-mounted clearance and the reduction due to interference as well as potential influences by the operating temperatures in the mounted situation.

Contact Angleis the angle between a plane perpendicular to the bearing axis and the contact line, which is set between ball and raceways at the contact points.

Dynamic Load Ratingis based on the DIN ISO 281 and indicates the load with unvarying size and direction, which guarantees a life-time of 1 million cycles.

Bearing clearanceis the dimension which indicates the play between inner and outer ring in radial or axial direction of an un-mounted bearing.

Static load ratingis defined as the load of non-rotating bearings, at which first plastic deformations occur in the raceways by the balls.

Rated viscosityis the kinematic viscosity of the lube oil or the base oil inside of the grease, which is required to generate a separative lubricating film between balls and raceways at the operating conditions.

Reliabilitydesignates the probability of a rolling contact bearing to attain or exceed the determined life-time. In reference to the life-time it is needed because the real life-times for the same bearings are scattered widely. In general at mechanical engineering the reliability is calculated with 90%.

Bearing Loadis the load on a rolling contact bearing at the operation. In general it is composed of an axial and radial acting load. It is relevantly affected to the bearing life-time.

Bearing friction momentconsists of rolling contact and sliding friction, friction between balls and cage, as well as the case may be by sealing and lubricant friction. The bearing friction moment is dependent on the bearing type and size, load and operating speed, as well as the lubricant. It is determinant for the warming inside of the bearing and therefore for its operating temperature.


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