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Assembly Of The Thrust Ball Bearing Problem

Thrust ball bearing Assembly there are two key points. A steel ball pressing quality is controlled, t nominal height after Assembly is another bearing control. In addition, due to the shaft, seat washers can be separated, brought a management problem. Is to prevent the bearing parts mix. M-type cages use flanging Assembly tooling. Pressed and asked the steel ball in the Pocket in the flexible rotation, but not from the pockets of deciduous, and technical procedures to check play in the ball in the Pocket. Solid cage embossing press too deep will play small steel ball, and stamping a raised part of the connection to the cage too little and inadequate strength, prone to falling, resulting in cages scrapped. Small thrust ball bearing ring and shaft inside diameter difference is very small, two sets of missions with no apparent distinction. To prevent mixing phenomena that pretend to be a trapped is bearing ceramic seat or is the shaft. This needs to take certain measures. Usually via assistive tools to draw circle, distinguish, or inner diameter gauge before the nominal height of the sampling inspection for dimension of inner diameter, in order to check the inside diameter, put down the seat surface, seal on top. If the seat diameter oxidation of quenching of the significantly or not after grinding, it is not necessary to test bore size, could see clearly the difference between shaft and housing washers, not easy to mix. Nominal height of the thrust ball bearing after Assembly it is necessary to measure t to confirm eligibility. When measuring height or standard calibration and measuring load bearing to rotate dozens of times, be sure to meet the minimum height.


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