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Deformation Of Angular Contact Ball Bearing Type

Features a double row angular contact ball bearings can bear both radial and axial loads combined load, limiting the two axial displacement of the shaft. Compared with the double-direction thrust ball bearings, bearing limit rotational speed high contact angle of 32 degrees, good rigidity, can withstand large overturning moment, widely used in the front wheel of the car (some models have double row tapered roller bearings of the same size).

Double row angular contact ball bearings of the structure there are four:

A-type: outside diameter less than or equal to 90mm bearings of standard design. No filling slots, so can take equal bi-axial loading. Lightweight glass fibre reinforced polyamide 66 cage, bearing temperature rise was small.

A-type: outside diameter larger than 90mm bearings of standard design. Filling slots on one side, with z steel cages or solid brass cage.

E-type: a reinforced structure, with filling slots on one side, can hold more balls, and therefore a higher carrying capacity.

Double dust cover and two seals, type design and e-design of double row angular contact ball bearings are available with shields on both sides (non-contact) or o-ring (contact). Sealed bearings are filled with a rust-inhibiting lithium base grease for operating temperature from-30 degrees to 110 degrees. Do not need relubrication during use, installation is no longer heating.

Double row angular contact ball bearings should be aware, although subjected to bi-directional axial bearing load, but when filling slots on one side, you should be careful not to let the main axial loads through the gap in the side of the ditch sides.

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