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High Quality High Temperature Bearings

High temperature bearings: First and foremost is able to endure high temperatures. There are many high temperature bearings, according to different needs, different environments, you can install a different type of bearing


High temperature bearings application:

High temperature bearings are widely used in metallurgy, kilns, glass, blast furnace, painting equipment and other high-temperature operating machinery.


High temperature bearings types:

High temperature spherical roller bearings

High temperature deep groove ball bearings


High temperature spherical roller bearings: two raceways in the inner and outer ring of spherical roller between track is, equipped with a holder guided by the two rows of balls. Aligning ball bearings can withstand higher radial loads, but also can withstand a certain degree of axial load.

Bearing with pressed steel cage, with high quality white hot grease lubrication, it can be used for temperatures of -40 to + 300 . Meet within 300 working conditions.

Bearings are usually in the normal level of production tolerances and bearing clearance is much larger than ordinary, it is often not suitable for high speed applications. But usually in the long run rate of 100 rev / min.

High-temperature deep groove ball bearings: no internal holder, only the rolling body composition; meet about 300 working conditions, according to the general level of production tolerances and bearing clearance is much larger than ordinary, it is often not suitable for high-speed operation of occasions, belonging to high temperature and low speed bearings, usually long-term operation in the 200 r / min speed.


Special high temperature bearing structure: not only material with high temperature materials, and more to achieve clearance automatic compensation under the high temperature environment from the structure, such as a coil spring bearing

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