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Installation Method For Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep ditch ball bearing installation method a: pressure into tie: bearing within circle and axis makes tight tie, outer ring and bearing seat hole is more pine tie Shi, available pressure machine will bearing first pressure loaded in axis Shang, then will axis together with bearing with loaded into bearing seat hole within, pressure loaded Shi in bearing within circle end surface Shang, pad a soft metal do of Assembly casing (copper or soft steel), bearing outer ring and bearing seat hole tight tie, within circle and axis for more pine tie Shi, can will bearing first pressure into bearing seat hole within, When assembling the outer diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the hole of the sleeve. If the bearing ring and shaft and when the hole is tight-fitting, install indoor and outer rings and pressed into the shaft and housing bore, assemble the casing structure should be able to simultaneously bet on tight inner ring of the bearing and the end surface of the outer ring.

Deep groove ball bearings installation method two: heating with: by heating the bearing or housing, Using hot expansion will tight tie change for pine tie of installation method. is a common and effort of installation method. this method for had surplus volume larger of bearing of installation, hot loaded Qian put bearing or can separation type bearing of rings into tank in the uniform heating 80-100 ℃, then from oil in the out as soon as possible loaded to axis Shang, for prevent cooling Hou within circle end surface and axis shoulder fitting not tight, bearing cooling Hou can again for axis to tight solid. bearing outer ring and light metal business of bearing seat tight tie Shi, used heating bearing seat of hot loaded method, can avoid tie surface by scrapes. Fuel tank heating bearings, at some distance from the bottom of a grid, or hook hanging bearing, bearing should not be placed on the bottom to prevent heavy impurities into the bearing or uneven heat, must have a thermometer in the tank, and strictly control the oil temperature must not exceed 100 degrees, to prevent tempering, hardness of the rings.


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