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The Maintenance Method Of Angular Contact Ball Bearings

1, when the bearing to run to a certain period of time (or maintain), the bearings are all taken down;

2, cleaning with diesel or kerosene soaked clean bearing, if technical conditions better open the sealing covers washed;

3, after cleaning dry cleaning and Visual inspection for any damage;

4, with a 150mm diameter angular contact ball bearing inside diameter equal to that of a wooden stick (preferably hollow tubes), with one end fixed a bearing;

5, hand-spun bearings at the same time, stick (Woodwinds) top on the other side on the ear or debate on the audio amplifier microphone bearing rotation noise;

6, after bearing horizontal toggle stick, check that the bearing is worn loose;

7, serious, turning loose excessive noise, has a serious defect FAG bearings should be eliminated, with the same type;

8, take a bucket of the appropriate amount of grease (premium yellow grease) simmer to melt (not hot), will detect the bearing into the soaking to no bubbles in the bucket overflow. Grease out before cooling bearings, small amount of residual grease. After cooling, remove the angular contact ball bearing lubricating greases, amount of residual grease. According to the need to identify how much grease residues.

9, use a soft cloth or wipe the toilet paper bearing grease outside an undisturbed, FAG bearings fitted to pulley, maintenance work will come to an end.


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